Tuesday, January 17, 2012

It's Time!

Christmas has come and gone and the New Year is upon us. Not unlike you, I have many goals for the year and thoughts of things I would like to see come to fruition in my life, both from a lifestyle perspective and from a ministry perspective--and I believe I'm going to find that those things are connected to each other in the long run.

One of my goals is to stretch myself in sharing thoughts from my heart and do this blogging thing. This has been on my to-do list for some time now...well, a couple years, in fact. So... it's time! It's time to dig out the list that I've been compiling of things I could write about. It's time to stop worrying that what I share may not be "spoken" with the eloquence I would like it to have. It's time to put to words what God has been showing me and speaking into my life.

I believe that journaling from my heart will have a healing effect on some of the difficult things I've journeyed through over the past few years. I also believe that it will help birth some new songs to be used in ministry. I hope that something I share will be an encouragement to you in wherever your journey is taking you- or perhaps where you feel you've been left and forgotten.

So, come and walk along with me on the road to restoration and redemption. It's time!

1 comment:

  1. Great to see you taking another step in this music ministry journey. Journey is almost an understatement.

    I have no doubt that God is at work in your life!

    Way to go. : )